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KGB BANKER (coauthored with whistleblower John Christmas)


Milford House Press (an imprint of Sunbury Press, Inc)

Coming September 2021

What if you returned to the land of your ancestors and they tried to kill you there? When Chicago financial executive Bob Vanags takes a job at ominous Turaida Bank in Rīga, Latvia, he hoped to learn of his heritage and expected to fight economic fraud in Eastern Europe. Instead, Bob finds himself pulled into a world of political intrigue, blackmail and murder. Aided by his son, David, beautiful colleague Agnese Avena and a fearless Latvian journalist named Santa Ezeriņa, Bob slowly unravels Turaida’s darkest secrets, discovering sins and conspiracies surpassing even his wildest fears. Secrets Turaida security chief Karlis Pugo and his shadowy backers want to keep hidden even at the cost of Bob’s life.


“If you love a suspenseful story, told with great skill, then you’re definitely going to want to read this one.”

-Steve Berry, New York Times and #1 Internationally Bestselling Author of THE AMBER ROOM and THE ROMANOV PROPHECY

“KGB BANKER is the espionage thriller at its finest. Timely and suspenseful, McCormick and Christmas use their wealth of experience in Eastern Europe to craft a pulse-pounding tale of spies, assassins and financial corruption ripped straight from today’s headlines. Santa Ezeriņa may be the best action heroine in years. A must read,. Destined to be a bestseller.”

-Robert Dugoni. New York Times Bestselling author of THE EIGHTH SISTER and THE LAST AGENT

"Dark crimes, cool twists, and an even cooler reporter who just can't resist danger."

-Antony Johnston, New York Times Bestselling Writer and Creator of


"KGB Banker weaves a complex web of deception and double-dealing. William Burton McCormick's and John Christmas's sterling pairing manages to achieve a delicate balance between financial thriller in the vein of Christopher Reich or Joe Finder and all-out chase novel reminiscent of David Morrell at his best. The notion of an American working at a corruption-riddled Russian bank that's part of a plan to reclaim Soviet hegemony is pure literary magic. Not to be missed."

-Jon Land, USA Today Bestselling Author of the MURDER, SHE WROTE and CAITLIN STRONG novels


"A deftly written thriller with an insider’s view into Eastern Europe. This book lands a death grip on the reader from the first paragraph that doesn’t ease up until the last man has fallen. McCormick and Christmas open doors to the world of international banking and political intrigue, with a cast of characters so real you’ll swear you’ve met them and a setting that comes to life. This just might be the international thriller of the year! A definite must read!"

-Chris Goff, Author of  DARK WATERS and RED SKY

“From exciting start to finish, KGB Banker delivers high suspense, thrilling action, and political intrigue in a fascinating tale of financial corruption and Russia’s tightening grip on the Baltic republics. Highly recommended.”

–V.S. Kemanis, Award-winning Author of YOUR PICK: SELECTED STORIES and the legal thriller SEVEN SHADOWS

"KGB Banker is a terrific thriller, set in the world of finance, and with fast action and great plot twists."

-Sarah Rayne, Author of the PHINEAS FOX series

“In KGB BANKER, McCormick and Christmas have created a timely and extraordinary work of international finance and suspense, steeped in rich settings and even richer characters, clearly one of the most exciting thriller novels I’ve read this year and leaving me pining for more of this epic saga!”

-Ronald S. Barak, Author of the bestselling JK’S CODE, fourth in the Brooks/Lotello thriller series



Mannison Press 

Coming 2021 or 2022

Odessa, 1900. Teenage sisters Tasia and Eleni Karadopoulina suspect their new lodger is the murderer prowling the city. 



Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine

Coming in 2021


What caused that Soviet test plane to crash in the Arctic Ocean near the Svalbard Archipelago sixty years ago? The pilot's great-granddaughter Santa Ezeriņa will risk her life - and those of her comrades - to find out.  A full length novella coming soon to the world's leading mystery magazine.


Short Story

Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine

Coming in 2021 or 2022


When Jeffrey Hartley accidentally locked himself in his basement, he thought his night could get no worse. Then a murderous stranger moved in upstairs... 


Short Story

Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine

Coming in 2022


Berlin, 1938. Myrna Loy's films are banned and burned throughout Germany because of the American actress's criticsim of the Nazi government.  Four Berlin film students plan to defy the ban and secretly screen After the Thin Man in protest. Unfortunately, one in their number is a police informant and soon the Gestapo is at their door.


Short Story

Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine

Coming in 2022 or 2023


What is the strange device on the third-story city balcony?  A simple question but answering it might get journalist Santa Ezeriņa killed!

A sequel to my 2020 Shmaus Award nominated story "The Dunes of Saulkrasti."